Mineral Biotech

We dream of being a reliable company that takes responsibility for the
health of families with safe and healthy food , Mineral Biotech.

CEO Introduction

We are responsible for the health of our family with natural mineral ion calcium water.

With the goal of promoting the value of minerals that are directly related to the health of modern people and contributing to the health of mankind, I founded Mineral Biotech with the research and technology I have been working hard on since I was a university professor.

In particular, our company possesses the technology to ionize natural minerals and uses each of the ionized natural ion minerals to contribute to health as a company that contributes to health by manufacturing and selling agricultural, livestock, cosmetics, medical, and functional health foods. We will become a company that leaps beyond the company to become a global mineral company.

CEO Kim Seung-gi

Intoduce of CEO

Doctor of IE (used Prof. Saehan University)
Functional Health Food Research Center (Chairman)
Didimnet Co., Ltd (CEO)
MineralBio Co.,Ltd (Technical Executive Advisor)
BioCals Co.,Ltd (Technical Executive Advisor)
OMan Co.,Ltd (Technical Executive Advisor)
MineralBiotech Co.,Ltd (CEO)

Receipts Account
NH 351-0864-0145-43
Account holder : Seunggi Kim (Mineral Biotech)