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We dream of being a reliable company that takes responsibility for the
health of families with safe and healthy food , Mineral Biotech.

About Us

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Mineral Biotech is a global mineral specialty company that exports and supplies key products that protect the health and beauty of our family
with health functional foods and functional cosmetics with a method that can ionize various minerals .
Therefore, we will do our best as a brand of a reliable company that thinks about trust and quality.

Company Status

Founded on October 01, 2015

Won the Grand Prize in the Korea Startup Competition (2016.4.24.)

We have the technology to ionize minerals and are developing various products by ionizing calcium and germanium.

Cal-ion products made from ionized calcium have made export contracts (China, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.) and are actively marketing to increase sales./p>

Ionized germanium can induce organic germanium intake through sprout culture, and is being developed in various ways to develop health functional products using germanium.

Overview of technology

Our core technology is patented technology for producing various minerals (Ca ++, Mg, Ge, S, Se, Zn , etc.) of a water-soluble ionic form (Patent No. 10-1873931) holding

Compensating for the importance of calcium and the shortcomings of its very low absorption rate To increase absorption rate, it is necessary to ionize minerals using a special method, magnetization device, and electric wavelength device to manufacture functional ionized calcium functional water (cal ion)
(invention patent ) 10-1873931)

1) Method for manufacturing functional aqueous solution of ionized calcium using natural materials (Invention Patent No. 10-1873931)
2) Method for manufacturing functional lotion using ionized pearl calcium (Patent No. 10-2100943)
3) Functionality using Germanium aqueous solution Sprout cultivation (Patent No. 10-2113394)

Main target of application

We are a global mineral company specializing in exporting and supplying products that protect the health and beauty of the world through health functional foods and functional cosmetics with a method that can ionize various minerals.

Cosmetic (functional cosmetics): mask pack, mineral spray, essence

Functional Food: Ion Calcium Water, Organic Germanium Ginseng Gold, Organic Germanium Sprout Ginseng, Organic Germanium Sprout Barley, Ion Calcium Sprout Barley

Competitiveness of technology
(differentiation from domestic and foreign technologies)

There is no technology in the world that can ionize minerals.

Mass production and sales route plan


Singapore (VistaChem): Agreement on export of natural ionic minerals (Ca, Mg, Ge, K, S, Zn etc) raw materials in progress

China (7Star Trading Co. Yantai): Cal-ion (Natural Ion Mineral Health Food Product) Export Agreement

China Beijing Aesa Shenggang Commercial Co., Ltd.: Cal-on (USD 1,000,000/5yrs) export contract

Vietnam (Dak Kong: Distribution Corporation): Health food and natural ion mineral cosmetics export agreement in progress

Domestic (With BLS Co., Ltd., M Bio)

Promotion and marketing promotion for product recognition and dissemination to direct consumers of sprouted barley beverage using ionic mineral ingredients

Induce participation in open beta testing by selecting and selecting consumers of various classes. Building the foundation through this

Use social media channels to obtain various information about products or services, or actively utilize social media channels that can provide real-time feedback on products and services to spread product images and favorability

Promotion using social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, KakaoTalk, Band, etc.)

The situation has secured overseas sales outlets by signing a supply contract with Beijing Aesa Shenggang Commercial Co., Ltd. in China.

When the planning technology is commercialized, it is possible to secure 30ml/piece, 10ea/box, 100,000box/year, 20,000won/box, sales of 2 billion won

Company Name Mineral Biotech
representative Seunggi Kim
Headquarters 110, Deungchonje-gil, Wanggung-myeon, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do (National Food Cluster R&D Center Venture Building No. 350)
phone call 063-836-2595
fax 063-836-2594
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