Alcaline ion liquid CAL-ION
Ionized Calcium

Natural ionized hydrogen calcium water

Cal-ion is a colorless and transparent liquid that is
a beverage-based natural food that is a solution of ionic calcium that removes impurities by dissolving powder
made by special processing (calcining) of natural mandarin orange peel with drinking water or purified water .

Grown with eco-friendly organic hydroponics,
highly concentrated ion mineral sprouted barley

It is a unique product that cannot be found in existing products because it contains
germanium by hydroponically cultivated with mineral ion water and freeze-dried immediately after harvesting .

The brilliant ionized calcium
you’ve never seen before.

We dream of being a reliable company that takes responsibility for the health of families with safe and healthy food , Mineral Biotech.

Mineral Biotech is a global mineral specialty company that exports and supplies major products that protect the health and beauty of our family with health functional foods and functional cosmetics with a method that can ionize various minerals


We will do our best as a brand of a reliable company that thinks about trust and quality.

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