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Made Mineral Biotech, 'Development of new substances through the bio industry'

관리자 | 2021.10.20 10:51 | 조회 53
[Enews Today Gyeongin Reporter Shin Yun-cheol] In 2019, the National Food Cluster located in Iksan and Mineral Biotech, a resident company, conducted a special task together. succeded.

Dr. Kim Seung-gi, who participated in the development work, developed a technology to extract a large amount of organic minerals through sprout ginseng after worrying about germanium, which is very important to the human body.

Dr. Kim Seung-gi said, "Research on organic germanium has many tasks to be continued. As an effect of germanium, it is known to be effective for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy because it increases immunity by proliferating white blood cells in the blood."

In addition, the germanium-enclosed mineral is said to have the effect of suppressing obesity by decomposing body fat, and it is said to have a detoxifying effect by discharging toxins from the body.

Centella asiatica, also called tiger grass, is a key raw material used to make products such as Madeca S or Madeca C produced by D Pharmaceutical, a domestic pharmaceutical company.

As a subtropical plant, it inhabits Africa and India. In Korea, the Agricultural Promotion Agency improved it into a variety that can be cultivated in Korea for a long time and has been cultivated in Korea for about 5 years.

Centella asiatica in Korea is known as a treatment for trauma (wound or inflammation of the body) and has recently been widely used as a cosmetic for women.

Among the ingredients contained in Centella asiatica, madecassic acid has the effect of promoting collagen synthesis and thus has an excellent effect on cell regeneration. It is widely used in women's products.

Source: eNews Today (http://www.enewstoday.co.kr)
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